Friday, 2 February 2018

Friday 2nd February

This week we have deepened our understanding of the Alien Party story by doing a range activities. We acted out the story as a class, each child having the opportunity to act a portion of the story. We have also tried an activity called ‘Tell Me More’. We worked in pairs and one child started to tell the story. The other child asked ‘Tell Me More’ to encourage the first child to think more deeply and add more detail to the story.

We then worked in groups and made up class versions of the story using a ‘boxing up sheet’. 

This helped us to change the story whilst making sure the story kept the same sequence and structure. All children had the opportunity to offer their ideas how to change and improve the story. We then shared the stories. Next week we will writing our own versions and using our learning to 'magpie' different ideas. 

This week in maths we have continued learning about subtraction. 
On Monday and Tuesday we solved word problems with one digit numbers and then took away one digit numbers away from numbers between 11 and 19 so we had to cross 10. We used tens frames or pictorial representations of tens frames to help us. 

First we worked in pairs and then we worked  on our own.  Some of us challenged ourselves to missing number problems. We had a part whole representation to help us. 

On Wednesday we had to find the difference between two numbers. Some of us use Numicon to help us while others used unifix sticks and then the bar model to help us understand the concept. We found out you could either count back or count in. 

On Friday we were set an investigation.  How many take away calculations can you make using these numbers? There are 15 possibilities.  Some children found them all because they used a logical system.

At home this weekend your may like to help your child practise subtraction facts to 10 then 20. Use Hit the button too. Follow this link.

In D&T this week we made the moving parts for our space pictures.  We looked at our plans to see which mechanisms we had chosen.  We could choose from spilt pin spinners, card flaps, paper concertina springs and lolly stick sliders. 

On Friday we shared them with the children in Reception to see what they thought of them before we evaluated our own pictures. 

We have have had a special treat this week when the hall became a theatre and we all enjoyed the pantomime 'Aladdin'. The children were very well behaved and really enjoyed the show. 
Have a great weekend - can you believe there is only one week before half term?! 
The Year One Team