Friday, 16 March 2018

Friday 16th March

This week we have deepened our understanding of The Black and White Club story by doing an activity called ‘Tell Me More’. We worked in pairs and one child started to tell the story. The other child asked ‘Tell Me More’ to encourage the first child to think more deeply and add more detail to the story. We could use our knowledge of the story and our imaginations to help us add interesting detail.

We then worked in groups and made up class versions of the story using a ‘boxing up sheet’.

This helped us to change the story whilst making sure the story kept the same sequence and structure. All children had the opportunity to offer their ideas how to change and improve the story We tried to include story language, and interesting adjectives and verbs.  We then shared the stories and ‘magpied’ some our favourite parts to include when we write our stories next week. This weekend you could use a ‘boxing up grid’ to make up a story with your child. You could then ask your child to tell you the story and encourage them to include lots of interesting vocabulary. Perhaps they might like to write the story and bring it into school to read with the class!

This week in maths we have been learning about measurement.  We have been comparing and measuring the height and length of objects.  We have been using the vocabulary associated with height – tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest and length – long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest. We used these words to compare objects.  You may like to do this at home.  Find between two and five objects and compare which is the longest, tallest, shortest.  Can your child put the objects in order from shortest to tallest/longest. To extend your child’s learning further you may like to see if they can find something twice as long or half as long.

We talked about the equipment and units we use to measure height and length.  Ask your child to show you the actions they have learn to remember centimetres, metres and kilometres. We talked about why we have standard units of measurement and measured objects using a centimetre ruler.
To measure something accurately we had to remember to start at 0 and then read off the measurement.
On Friday we had a problem to solve. You may like to talk about this at home.

This week in history we have been learning more about Nelson Mandela. We learnt about when he was released from prison after twenty seven years, and we watched a video clip to try and imagine what it was like. Here is the link if you would like to watch it at home:

After that we used our history learning and our imagination to write a front page announcing his release. Here are some examples. 

In art we have used our computing learning about Mondrian and we worked in groups to create a temporary ‘collage’ in the style of Mondrian. Have a look at how lovely they are.

Today in art we have looked at the work of George Seurat and have used primary colour paint dots to make other colours. 

We hope that you have a lovely weekend - and that is does not snow too much!
The year One Team