Sunday, 4 March 2018

Friday 2nd March

This week in maths we have continued learning about numbers and their place value within 50.
On Tuesday we counted in 2s.  When counting the socks below it is quicker to count the pairs and count in 2s.  

We had to remember to count carefully. 

We counted in 2s in a number grid and talked about the pattern that emerged. Follow the link to do the same. We noticed when counting in 2s the numbers are all even numbers.  

Next we looked at some number tracks and continued the count either forwards or back in 2s.

You many like to ask your child a question like the one below  

On Thursday we counted in 10s, again counting in 10s is quicker than counting in ones.  Use the link above to see the pattern that emerges.  What do you notice about the tens and ones do they stay the same or change?

More home learning for this week
Help your child to learn to count in
·         2s forwards and backwards to 20 then 50
·         10s forwards and backwards to 100
Get some 2p coins and count in 2s. Do the same with 10p coins.
Drop some 2p coins into a tin ask your child to count in 2s as they drop in.  Can they tell you the total amount you dropped in?  Count the coins to check.
Follow the links to play games that consolidate counting in 2s and 10s

In English this week we reviewed our instructions writing, using our success criteria. We gave ourselves a tick if we had:
·         Started with the title
·         Written the instructions in the correct order
·         Numbered our instructions
·         Started each one with a verb
·         Put each new instruction on a new line
·         Started each instruction with a capital letter
·         Formed our letters correctly
·         Used our phoneme fingers to spell unknown words
The next day we had a letter from the Mayor, inviting Crabtree to enter a story writing competition. We all planned a new version of our ‘Space Party’ story, using a story grid. The next day we wrote our story, remembering to use capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting. We all included lots of interesting story words and phrases to ensure the reader enjoys our story!

Please encourage your child to practise forming all letters correctly and to spell the Year One words that are in the home school book. Try dictating a sentence a day for your child to write. Then they can mark it, checking for:
·         Start with a capital letter
·         Use finger spaces
·         Finish with a full stop
·         Form all letters correctly
·         Spell key words correctly
·         Use phoneme fingers for unknown words
We were all very disappointed that our trip to St Albans Abbey could not go ahead on Friday. We hope to rearrange this soon. We hope that you all stay warm and safe this weekend!

Year One Team