Thursday, 29 March 2018

Thursday 29th March

This week in maths we have been consolidating our mathematical learning.
On Monday we revisited our learning on counting in 1s, 2s, 10s and 5s.  We continued a number track, we solved the missing numbers on a number track and on a number grid and some of us challenged ourselves to work out the numbers on a partially marked number line.

On Tuesday we revisited our learning about equals to.
We asked the question does the = sign always have to be at the end of a calculation?
Eg 12 + 2 = 14  or 14 = 12 + 2.
Some of us used the scales.  We chose a Numicon piece eg 5.  We put the 5 on one side of the scales then thought of a pair of numbers that would balance the scales because they were equal to 5.  Eg 1+4, 2+3.
Some of us tried the following calculations. Both sides of the equals sign must be equal to each other.

20 = 4 + ?

4 + 6 = ?  +  ?

12 + 4 = 8 + ?

On Wednesday we revisited our learning on how to find the difference between two numbers. 

Can your child tell you the difference between the 2 numbers shown using the cubes, on this bar model, the number line and in the word problem. Ask them the strategy they used.  Did they count on or count back?

Over the Easter holidays help your child to practise counting in 1s forwards and backwards to 100, counting in 2s forwards and backwards to 50, counting in 10s forwards and backwards to 100, counting in 5s forwards and backwards to 50.  This will really help them in their maths lessons in the summer term when they will begin learning about early multiplication and division using these same numbers 2s, 5s and 10s.
Continue to play the games previously posted.

In English we have been learning about SPAG! This stands for spelling, punctuation and grammar. We practised: 

  • Adding capital letters and full stops to sentences
  • Deciding which words need capital letters
  • Putting words in the correct sequence to make the sentence make sense
  • Putting letters in the correct order to spell key words
  • Practising spelling key words
Your child will have brought some of this work home, during Easter please try and make up some more examples for your children to try. 

We then had a treasure hunt around the classroom, where the children had to find pictures that related to clues and then answer a SPAG question. 

In science this week we continued to use our learning about materials.  We had to invent something Nelson Mandela could wear to protect his eyes from the bright sunlight and the dust from the stones he hammered. We talked about materials that were see through/transparent where better than not see through/opaque.

Look at our wonderful inventions!

Next term our topic is 'Global Gardens'. The children will be making a fabric collage, inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. During the holidays maybe your child may have time to sketch a picture of their favourite Easter flowers. We will also be taking part in Sustainable St Albans Week. Please could you send in a cereal box and two plastic drinking bottles for your child to re-use into wonderful new things! We will also be learning about rain forests and becoming authors and making our own books, filled with interesting information. During the holidays you might like to research some information for your child to share. A good website is or Thank you. 

Have a wonderful Easter break!
The year One Team