Friday, 18 May 2018

Friday 18th May

We hope that you enjoyed our assembly this week and thank you for visitng the classroom afterwards. 

We were very excited this week when Rothamstead came to film us singing 'Fertilizer'! The children were amazing and Erin and Gary, from Rothamstead were very impressed. Here is a link so you you can share how fab they were! 

Today we have been getting excited about the royal wedding! In the morning we made crowns and bunting and joined in the Royal Run. During the afternoon we have enjoyed the wedding picnic and played games. Have a look at our photos to see what fun we had! 


This week in English we have been learning the traditional story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. First we listened to an oral telling of the story and joined in the repetitive parts of the text. Then we ‘mapped’ the story, when we draw simple pictures to remember the key moments in the correct sequence. Finally, we used our story map to tell the story to a partner. We have also listened to different versions in order to compare them and ‘magpie’ ideas for when we write our own versions of the story next week. Here are some links to different versions below: 

Please ask your child to tell you the story this weekend. You could also ‘innovate’ with this story by changing the vegetable that is grown and by changing the characters who try and pull it up! 

This week in maths we were learning about sharing equally. We used practical apparatus in our first lesson. In pairs we shared 10 cubes equally between us. We said one to you one for me until all 10 cubes had be shared equally.  We talked about what would happen if we were sharing 9 cubes.
We then used 20 cubes
Can you share the cubes between 5 friends?
20 shared between 5 equals ____
Can you share the cubes between 2 friends?
20 shared between 5 equals ____
Can you share the cubes between 5 friends?
20 shared between 5 equals ____

You may like to try this at home

Which of these numbers - 12, 15, 20, 27, 30 can be shared equally between
2 groups
5 groups
10 groups
Ask your child to explain how they know.

In our next lesson we recorded our thinking and then challenged ourselves to solve simple word problems.

Please keep practising:
·         counting in 2s to 20 backwards and forwards
·         counting in 10s to 100 backwards and forwards
·         counting in 5s to 50 backwards and forwards
doubles (double 1,2,3,4, 5) first to double 5 then to double 10 (double 6, 7,8,9,10) either use Hit the Button or play Hubble Bubble

After counting in 2s 5s and 10s ask your child
·         how many 2s there are in14
·         how many 5s there are in 25
·         how many 10s there are in 40

·         Will 13 or 18 be in the count of 2s – prove it
·         Will 24 or 30 be in the count of 5s – prove it
·         Will 30 or 13 be in the count of 10s – prove it

This will really help your child in their lessons.

In Geography this week we looked at a map of the world and located and named the continents.  We then watched two video clip of Barnaby Bear in Mexico.  You may like to look at these at home and talk about the similarities and differences between how we shop in Harpenden and the type of food we eat compared to people in Mexico.  We noticed they ate a lot of corn that grew in the local fields.
Next we used a map of the world and talked about where different food was grown.  We made links to our learning about the rainforest, remembering banana trees like hot humid weather.
We have also made maps of a Mexico village, and included a key and compass. At home please encourage your child to make a map of their bedroom, house, garden or even their local area. 

Next week we will be working with a partner to become 'TV Chefs'! This week we have written our recipes for our Mexican dips. We will take turns to use our D&T skills to make our dips, and use IPads to record each other, using our computing skills.  

We hope that you have a lovely weekend - enjoy the royal wedding and remember to 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'! 

the year One team