Friday, 4 May 2018

Friday 4th May

We had lots of fun on Science Day. We investigated like real scientists. We had two experiments in which we used the following science skills - observation, prediction and recording skill. 
Ask your child about the ‘Walking Water’ experiment and the ‘Cleaning Coins’ experiment.

We had a great day at St.Albans Abbey learning about the life of local ‘World Changer’ St Alban. We also made our own clay tiles. Thank you to the parents who were able to accompany us. 

This week in maths we have continued our learning about equal groups. We learnt to represent the equal group as an array. 

An array is a pictorial representation of an arrangement of objects that help us represent a repeated addition and later a multiplication calculation.

We made our own arrays to match the images.
We talked about rows and columns.

Here is an array to match the image above. Can you see it is made up of equal groups of 2?
There are 3 rows (or groups) of 2.
This can be written as a repeated addition  2 + 2 + 2 = 6

Can you also see 2 columns of 3?
This can be written as a repeated addition 3 + 3 = 6

It is important arrays are clearly recorded. If not, it is difficult to be accurate.

Can you spot the mistake? Who has recorded the correct repeated addition?

This week in English we have returned to our learning about rainforests as we have become non-fiction authors. First we reminded ourselves of the research we had done and recorded on our research sheets. We then thought about what all writing must include and what we need to remember for non-fiction information books. Together we created some success criteria.

All writing:
  • ·         Finger spaces
  • ·         Capital letters and full stops
  • ·         Neat handwriting, with letters formed correctly
  • ·         Key words spelt correctly, use phoneme fingers for unknown words

Non-fiction information books:
  • ·         Clear, factual sentences
  • ·         Headings for each page

Some of us also tried to challenge ourselves by also including:
  • ·         Joining words ‘and’ or ‘because’
  • ·         Interesting vocabulary choices

We have written the introduction for our books, explaining what rainforests are, where they can be found, forest floor layer and understory. Next week will compete our books with sections on the canopy and emergent layers, people of the rainforest, deforestation and the blurb. We hope you will enjoy looking at our books after our class assembly next Thursday. 

Next Friday afternoon we will be creating our fabric collages, inspired by the plants and flowers we have observed in our school grounds and our trip to Batford Springs. We will be designing them during the week and using cutting, sticking and sewing skills to make them. It would be really useful for us to have 10 helpers to assist the children between 1:15 and 3. If you can help, please sign up - no DBS or sewing skills required!

We hope that you enjoy the sunny Bank Holiday weekend!
Year One Team