Friday, 15 June 2018

Friday 15th June

We have finished our mini beast poems this week and we are feeling very proud of them! We used the poem ‘The Farmyard’ by AA Attwood as a structure for our own poems and we thought very carefully about the verbs and adjectives we should use to ‘paint a picture’ in the reader’s mind. We then used our neatest handwriting to copy our poems for display. We hope that you enjoy looking at them during the open evening and we think you will be very proud! Here is a little preview! 

We have enjoyed reading poems written at home and inspired by our learning. If your child would like to write a poem this is a great format to follow and can be adapted to wherever you are. For example: 
One brown horse, standing by the gate. 
One smooth shell, glistening in the rock pool. 

This week in maths we have been continuing our learning about place value to 100.  We began the week by using greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=) language and symbols to compare numbers to 100. We played ‘Lions and Tigers’ ask your child how we play this. If you roll a 0 should it be in the tens column or the ones column, can they explain why? Looking at two numbers, 37 and 73, we asked the children which number is the biggest? Which number has most 10s, which has least? Which has most ones which has least?

We practised ordering numbers, thinking about possible sequences of numbers to 100. We looked at ordering a series of numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest as well as thinking of possible answers to gaps in a number sequence. Ask your child if they can tell you how the numbers below are ordered and how they know this.

We have practised looking at one more and one less than a given number. We looked at making a 2 digit number from single digits, ask your child to look at the numbers 7, 5, 9, 6 what 2 digit numbers can they make using these? We thought about logical systems for finding all the possibilities, can they tell you how they know all the number options? The always, sometimes and never told us that when finding 1 less the tens digit stays the same (sometimes with the exception of if the number ends in a 0).

This week in science we have been learning about what it means for something to be alive, dead or never been alive. We sorted pictures into the three groups and had to prove why we thought that. 

We learnt all living things can
·         Move
·         Reproduce/have offspring
·         Responds to stimuli
·         Takes on nutrients/eats
·         Excretes waste/poo/wee
·         Respire/breathe
·         Grow
We then recorded our findings in a table.

In art in the next few weeks we are going to make our own clay mini-beasts so this week we had an exploration lesson.
We tried cutting, rolling, moulding and carving. We then used tools to make marks using lines and different textures and finally we used slip (watery clay) to join pieces of clay together.

We hope you have a lovely weekend – enjoy the sunshine!

The Year One team