Friday, 8 June 2018

Friday 8th June 2018

This week in English we have been looking at poems about mini-beasts. We started by reading the poem ‘Eeny Mini Mini Beasts’ and identifying the verbs, nouns, alliteration and rhyme. The next day we read a selection of mini-beast poems by Giles Andreae. In pairs we each had a different poems and we marked the verbs, nouns, alliteration and rhyme again. Please encourage your child to do this when you read poems together. The next day we became performance poets! We created success criteria as a class. Please ask your child what you need to remember when performing poems as a group. We worked with our partner to plan actions and expression and we tried to learn our poems to help our performances. We then had the opportunity to perform and listen to each other, commenting on which aspects of the performances we enjoyed the most.

We are now planning to write our own mini-beast poems next week, in the format of ‘The Farmyard’ by AA Attwood. Here is a Crabtree version, amended to be about mini-beasts!

One hairy spider spinning a silky web,
Two busy bees, buzzing quickly to and fro,
Three pink worms, slithering through the squelchy mud,
Four delicate butterflies, fluttering in the summer air,
Five glittering dragonflies, gliding over the sparkling pond.

We will be using this format next week and today we have looked at how the poet constructed this poem. We noticed each line:

Starts with a number

During the weekend please look at poems with your children and you might even want to write a poem too!

This week in maths we have been learning about place value to 100.  We began the week by using a 100 grid. We were given numbers to locate on the hundred square and talked about how to find them quickly. You may like to help your child at home. Using a hundred grid ask them to find a number and tell you how they found it so quickly.
We then used the hundred square to count forwards, backwards and identify a number between two given numbers.

On Tuesday we used base 10 to read, write and make numbers using a grid representation.

On Wednesday we used base 10 again to read, write and make numbers using the part, whole model.

Follow the link to play Shark Attack

In computing this term we are making a booklet about mini-beasts using ‘2 Simple 2 Publish’. We have typed our title and the author’s name, and we used a variety of tools to make a bright and interesting front cover. They will be full of information and beautiful pictures of mini-beasts! 

We have been very luky to have had an extra woodland learning lesson this week.  We used lots of equipment and made bug houses. If your child's bug house is not quite finished have a look below for some ideas to help you finish it! 

We hope that you have a great weekend! 
The Year One team