Friday, 13 July 2018

Friday 13th July

On Monday we created a ‘mood map’ of the story. This is when we think about how the emotions of the characters change as events progress.
Then we pretended that we were one of the villagers and ‘phoned home’ to our Mum or Dad to tell them about what had happened the previous day. We worked in pairs and tried to listen, ask questions, explain, add detail, use expression and work together as good learning partners.

We then worked as a class and made up our own versions of the story, changing the setting, mini beast and filling for our sandwich.
This helped us to change the story whilst making sure the story kept the same sequence and structure. All children had the opportunity to offer their ideas how to change and improve the story We tried to include story language, and interesting adjectives and verbs.  We then shared the stories and ‘magpied’ some our favourite parts to include when we planned and wrote our stories. Please ask your child to re-tell the class story. 

The next day we planned our story and then on Friday we have written our final stories in Year One! We tried really hard to include all the ‘non-negotiables’ that we have learnt about this year. Please ask your child what they need to remember when writing a story. We are very proud of our efforts and enjoyed reading them to each other and seeing how much progress we have made this year. Well done to everyone! 

This week in maths we have been learning about positional and directional vocabulary consolidating our learning we did with BeeBot, fractions and telling the time.
We began by going outside and giving each other directions using the words whole, half, quarter and three quarters turn. We then used shapes and drew what position the shapes would end up in after a given turn.

The next day we looked at this grid of mini-beasts and using the words left, right, top, bottom, on top of, middle, above, between, described the mini-beasts positions.

You may like to find opportunities at home to use these words.
On Friday we did some problem solving.  We had to get Incy Wincy spider back to her web in 4 moves.  Some of us then challenged ourselves to a 3x3 grid.

We hope that you enjoyed the Open Evening and your child intoduced you to their new class teacher. They seem confident, happy and ready to move on - but we are missing them already! 

Have a great weekend.
The Year One Team